The military module is where citizens can fight for a country in a war. When fighting, each citizen has a certain amount of damage they can do, based on several factors.

These factors differ as there are two types of battles: ground battles(left) and air battles(right).

There are 8 rounds and in each there is a ground battle and an air battle.

In ground battles, citizens are split into four groups called divisions, and fight separately based on experience level.

In air battles,there's one division for all.

The wars interface contains a list of wars which you can easily customise using the filters, which can then be saved as a preset. You can filter the wars using different types of battles or simply by searching by the country, alliance, region or city.

The icons are in the same order as they appear within the campaign tile, from top, left to bottom, right.

Starting day 5,004, Fuel will be needed by vehicles in order to join a battlezone.

- If available, a Fuel unit will be used on the first deployment in a new battlezone.

- Every Citizen will start with a pool of 70 Fuel units.

- The Fuel pool replenishes to 70 units weekly, every Tuesday at day change (00:00).

- Extra Fuel can be acquired in the Gold store. Keep in mind that the price of Fuel in the shop starts at 1 Gold and increases with every purchase. The Fuel acquired and not used during the week does not carry on to the next one. The price of Fuel also resets weekly.

Protector levels and bonuses

Progressing through protector levels enables you to unlock special damage bonuses that apply when deploying for that country.

Your current protector level and bonuses are available in the “Protectors of Nations” section of the armory.

Deploying (bombs not included) with an enrolled vehicle for the country allows you to collect protector points:

1. When fighting for your country of citizenship 10% of the damage dealt is converted into protector points for that country

2. When fighting for an allied country: 4% of the damage dealt is converted into protector points for that country

3. Fighting for a non-allied country: 2% of the damage dealt is converted into protector points for that country

Deploying without an enrolled vehicle: 1% of the damage dealt is converted into protector points for that country

After reaching the top protector rank in a country, 1% of the damage dealt will be converted to universal protector points that can be assigned to

Daily tasks

Daily tasks are simple reminders of what a player should do every day to maintain activity. They consist of two main activities: working in a company and training in the training grounds. If you complete your daily tasks, you will get a reward of one strength and one experience point each day these tasks are completed.

Introduction of Ghost Booster

If you complete your daily tasks for 5 days in row, you will get 5 XP and 5 strength, instead of 1 XP and 1 strength.

On the Day 3,046 (Mar 23, 2016), the Ghost booster was introduced in the game and it was added as an additional reward upon completing the daily tasks.

There's also a military task you can solve. Therefore you need to defeat 25 enemies on the battlefield your commander or captain of the military unit you are in demands of you. This is called the Daily order.

If you have completed daily order and daily tasks, they will disappear from the homepage until the next day.

Citizens are able to use weapons of varying qualities, (from Q1-Q7) or fight barehanded (without a weapon).

The amount of damage a citizen does per fight in ground battles depends on three factors:

- The amount of 'hits' required to defeat an enemy soldier

- The amount of 'strength' you have

- Your current 'military rank'

The amount of damage a citizen does per fight in air battles depends on two factors:

- The amount of 'hits' required to defeat an enemy soldier

- Your current 'military rank'

*By default, all citizens have the same amount of perception (aka: strength) in air battles.

As such, to improve your damage, there are two methods: improving your strength (ground battles) and improving your military rank (air battles and ground battles).

Military rank is improved by fighting. The more you fight, the more rank points you get. When your rank points hit a certain number, you are promoted to the next military rank, and receive a reward of 1 energy bar. Each promotion in military rank will increase your damage-per-hit. This applies for both ground battles and air battles. Each promotion in rank will increase your damage-per-hit by 5%.


For newcomers:

In ground battles, strength is an indication of your raw power. The higher your strength, the more damage you do. Unfortunately, as strength is given to citizens by training, which is available once per day, this means that newer citizens are never going to catch up with older citizens, even if they spend lots of gold. Thus, for newer citizens, the key is improving your military rank on air battles to not waste damage. Waste here refers to the fact that you will gain experience, but not gain the full amount of rank points and means you will end up leveling with a below-average military rank.

With a view to a collective and conscientious growth of the entire Belgian community, we advise all new players to focus their attention almost exclusively on air battles, while quietly growing your strength. Preferably for eBelgium and allies, but you are free to fight wherever you want.

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Epic Battles are battles with a high amount of damage. When a battle is Epic, you get double Prestige points and the BH medals of the corresponding round award double gold. See more here...

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What is a training war?

A training war is an agreed upon war between two or more countries. Terms and plan of attack are discussed ahead of time and precautions are made to prevent the loss of Mutual Protection Pacts (MPP's)

Why have training war?

  • Medals medals medals...

  • It helps strengthen the relationships of the countries involved.

  • Players have the opportunity to earn patriot damage for their country while practicing coordinated tactics.

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