First steps on eRepublik


With most games you play it is beneficial to specialize your skills from the first day. In eRepublik the main game modules are the economy module, the politics module and the war module. It is best to utilize all these main modules to develop your account as much as possible, rather than being too specialized.

Before you click any buttons, there are certain things you (as a new player) should not do.

Some of these will open up to you later..

  • Building any companies/holding

  • Trying to gain any medals through fighting

..and some are always a bad idea:

  • Spending gold or energy bars for energy

  • Buying low quality weapons

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you make the best decisions!

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Main menu

Just below the header, the main menu can be found. The menu is present on almost all eRepublik pages. It has 6 main categories-buttons.

● The first button leads to the homepage (explained earlier how it works)

● Hovering over the second button will reveal My places submenu.

● The wars button leads to the war list.

● Hovering over the fourth button will reveal Market submenu.

● Hovering over the fifth button will reveal Community submenu.

● Last button, the Gold & Extras button, leads to the Shop page. Please note that the when visiting the shop, the main menu is not visible any more and it is replaced by the Gold and Extras menu (see below); however, above that menu will be an arrow icon that will lead back to the homepage.

  • Information about your residence

  • Interface of your employer and your companies

  • Interface of your training grounds to increase strength

  • Vehicle interface and owned skins

  • Interface for traveling in the eWorld

  • Buy products from the market

  • Find a new job

  • Exchange cash and gold

  • Buy companies that are for sale

  • Buy or sell game tokens

  • Informations about citizen's country

  • Informations about citizen's military unit

  • Informations about party

  • Informations about citizen's newspaper

  • Link to the game forum

  • Invite friends to play to eRepublik

  • Weekly statistics section

  • Informations about alliances

  • Informations about elections

  • Find out who is ranked how in the new eWord

  • Latest game updates

  • The map of the eWord

Work, train, fight. Seems straightforward, but here’s some things to keep in mind. All of these things take away some of your Energy. (Number in the green bar under your name!).

Eating food can restore it, with higher quality food restoring more. There is a limit to what you can restore at once, which gradually replenishes over time (the amount can depend on your residence - which region you are a citizen of and whether you have a house) - but the energy itself won’t replenish until you eat.

Food is purchased from the market, under the marketplace option. Needless to say it costs money - be sure to pick up a job and work to earn what you need to purchase food.

You can find a job on the job market, under the same tab. This is where business owners advertise jobs and salaries.


Spend it , hoard it , fight with it… what’s the best use for gold?

The general advice tends to be save your gold to spend on TG(training ground) upgrades during promotional periods. Don't spend it elsewhere. Although if you are interested in building a portfolio of companies and factories.

You can invest some of your gold into WRM(WeaponRawMaterials) or FRM(FoodRawMaterials) companies and only work as manager and you'll eventually see a return of investment in cc(Country Currency) as you sell the RM(RawMaterials) you produce on the marketplace.

In summary, we recommend these actions in the early stages of the game:

Work every day for 1 week.

You can find a job on the Job Market.

Apply for the highest wage available and work once a day for 1 week.

After working for a company and having earned enough country currency (CC), buy a Q1 house on the Marketplace, activate it and starts working twice every day.

Train every day on the free training grounds.

Don't hesitate to contact us to help you make the best decisions to upgrade them!

Repeat these actions every day and apply for social aid in the relevant articles published every week/month (B.A.S. , eB.S.A.P. , B.M.R).

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