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Abbreviation Meaning(s) Comment

General Acronyms

DC = Day change

IRC = Internet Relay Chat

MM = Media Mogul (medal)

MM = Mass Message

multi = multi account

NCM = New citizen message

Plato = the face of the eRep Admins

RL - IRL = Real Life - In Real Life

Wigs/Gypsies = eRepublik staff

Political Acronyms

ATO = Anti-Takeover (blocking a PTO)

MPP = Mutual Protection Pact

PP = Party President

PTO = Political Takeover

Military Acronyms/Terms

AS = Airstrike

ATA = Air to Air (battle)

BH = Battle Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Battle)

CH = Campaign Hero Medal (Highest Influence Total in a given Campaign, 8 to 15 Battles)

CO = Commanding Officer

CO = paid Combat Orders

CotD = Campaign of the Day

DO = Daily Order, The Battle a Military Unit can/has selected

FF = Freedom Fighter

FF = Food fights (available energy)

Goldbeasts = People who buy insane amounts of gold.

MU = Military Unit

NE = Natural Enemy

PP = Prestige Points

QM = Quarter Master (supplies)

RW = Resistance War

SH = Sky Hero Medal (Highest Influence in a given Aircraft Battle)

Tank = someone doing a large amount of damage and usually has a high strength

TW = Training War

TG = Training Grounds (where you train daily to increase your fighting strength)

TP = True Patriot

XO = Executive Officer (2nd in Command)

2-clicker = someone who stopped playing actively and just does his work/train clicks

Economy Acronyms

ARM = Aircraft Raw Materials

CC = Country currency

FRM = Food Raw Materials

HRM = Housing Raw Materials

MM = Monetary Market

RM = Raw Materials

WAM = Work as Manager

WRM = Weapon Raw Materials

WT/OT = Work tickets/Overtime

National Government Positions/Departments

PoTUS = President of the United States

CP = Country President

CP/D = Country President/Dictator

VP = Vice President

CoS = Chief of Staff

DoD = Department of Defense

SoD = Sectary of Defense

SoS = Sectary of State

SoM = Sectary of the Media

WHPR = White House Press Release

DoCA = Department of Citizen Affairs (Formerly Interior and Education)

SoCA = Secretary of Citizen Affairs

NSC = National Security Council

IES = Immigration Enforcement Subcommittee

EC = Economic council

SoH = Speaker of the House, Congressional leader/oversight

CBO = Congressional Budget Office

SCI = Select Committee on Intelligence

d[SoD/SoM/SoCA/CoS] = Deputy [SoD/SoM/SoCA/CoS]

National Programs

AA = Arm America

BU2SU = Bank Up to Strength Up

StW = Stack the Wall

MoW = Meals on Wheels

Other Cabinet Position Names

CP = Country President

PM = Prime Minister (another term used for CP)

CoS = Chief of Staff

MoF = Minister of Finance

MoD = Minister of Defense

MoFA = Minister of Foreign Affairs (State Dept. equivalent)

MoE = Minister of Education

MoI = Minister of Information

MoImm = Minister of Immigration

United States Military Units

USAF = United States Armed Forces (not to be confused with US Air Force)

---FT = Flight Training

---USAAC = United States Army Air Corps (newly created Air-Only unit inside USAF)

EZC = Easy Company (Formerly the Official Fed militia)

C4 = Cannon Cockers

VMA = The Black Sheep MU

BC = Bear Cavalry (SFP MU)

Retired/Historical eUS Military Units

UM = Ultramarines

AF = Air Force (not to be confused with USAF, of which it was a branch)

RS = Rogue Squadron

SF = Special Forces

ST6 = Seal Team 6

SoL = Sons of Liberty

JCS = Joint Chiefs of Staff (former official military leaders gone 'independent')

eUSMC = US Marine Corps

eUS Parties

Feds = Federalist Party

USWP = United States Worker's Party

SFP = Socialist Freedom Party

WTP = We the People

BSP = Black Sheep Party

AMP = American Military Party

AFA = American Freedom Alliance (home of Enemy of State Ajay/RGR)

OhFU = Old Farts United


CoT = Circle of Trust (former alliance)

EDEN = Erepublik Defense & Economic Network (former alliance)

TWO = The World is Ours (former alliance)

NA = Northern Alliance (first alliance ever) (former alliance)

PEACE GC = People of Earth Associated under Common Excellence: Global Community (former alliance)

ONE = Order of New Eworld (former alliance)

PHX = Phoenix (former alliance)

ABC = Alliance of Baltic Countries (former alliance)

GEA = Garden of EDEN alliance (former alliance)

CTRL = Came to Rock, Literally (former alliance)

Term Meaning Version(s)

2-Clicker (also seen as: Two Clicker) - A citizen that only works and trains without much community involvement. -

Account sitting When a citizen gives their login information to another player to work and train for them for a short amount of time. This is illegal and is considered having a multi-account. The term is based on the English phrase "babysitting". -

ATO Anti-Takeover - The opposite of a Political Takeover. It involves people working to defeat a political takeover. -

Baby Boom A period where many new players ("babies") join the game. May apply to the entire game or a specific country. -

Belgiuming (also seen as: Pulling a Belgium) – Taking over a country through a PTO, and then having it annexed by war. (Beta)

Boot A citizen who is created by another to get the SB medal. -

COOL CHANGES Server downtime, taken from their default downtime page. Alternatively, a negative term for a bug or glitch. This has been replaced by the headless chicken screens. (Beta)

eRebuglik Falsification of the game's name (eRepublik + bug), used to emphasize the constant issues a user encounters during gameplay. -

Fortress A region that has been fortified by it's controlling country by moving thousands of citizens to it in order to both increase the attack cost and the size of the wall. In terms of strategy that's called "Fortress Strategy". V1

Headless chicken This refers to a 404 error. The term derives from the use of a cartoon headless chicken on all of eRepublik's 404 error pages. -

In the following weeks (also seen as: #InTheFollowingWeeks, itfw) Phrase that is used by the players ironically referring to when a feature will be added/fixed. It originates from the official announcement of the Cities module in 2017, where it was mentioned "The local elections module will be added as the next step in the following weeks." -

Manifesto A statement of plans and principles set forward by an individual or group to inform others of their intentions. Manifestos are commonly used by politicians to obtain votes. People read their manifestos and understand the values, plans, and ambitions of an individual or group. -

Mini-battle (also referred to as rounds) Battles of duration from one hour and half to two hours, which happen within individual campaigns. The first side to win 8 of these mini-battles successfully conquers or defends the region in question. -

MMMP Mass Media Mogul Project - these appear from time to time to utilize large populations of a country or alliance in generating revenue, usually for war, by coordinating subscriptions. Once over a 1000 (or multiple of a 1000) subscriptions the newspaper owner receives a treasure map, the gold from which is donated to the cause. -

Mod(s) Moderator(s) - They who modify - The person(s) who manage eRepublik in various ways. Ex. Giving penalties to players with multiple accounts. Ex2. Making changes to the game. -

Monex Alternative term for Monetary Market. (Rising)

MoX Minister of X (where X is the particular ministry or government organization in question) - This person is a government official mandated by the Country President to manage a given ministry. -

Multi (also seen as: Clone, Zombie) - Multiple - A player account which is being used in addition to one or more other player accounts. This is considered cheating, and if caught players face consequences. -

Noob (also seen as: Newbie) - Refers to a player who is new or inexperienced. Can also be used to tease or insult someone. -

Owner Wiki term. Used to describe a wiki author who is overly possessive about any changes made to his/her page, no matter how constructive the edit. This possessiveness usually goes against the spirit of the collaborative nature of a wiki. -

PTO Political Take Over - Refers to the act of abusing democracy by moving in masses (either using multiple accounts or friends) and taking over a party, congress, or country. The specific problem with this is that the PTOer(s) (or Political Take Overer(s)) rarely have the best interest of others in mind, and often seek to exploit a country or organization. -

Rage quit The act by a player of quitting a game out of frustration, discontentment, or simple immaturity. It may take many forms, but most often involves a brief (though sometimes protracted) period of vehement shouts, newspaper articles, or IRC and eForum ranting, focusing on the players own dissatisfaction with eRepublik, its game mechanics, interface, or most often, other players. -

Signed Used when in agreement with the original post, often used outside of contracts for humorous effect; made famous on the Off-Topic forum after the forum was flooded with petitions. -

Singed Common misspelling of Signed, often used intentionally as a non-qualified signature. -

Sub Subscribe - refers to the act of clicking the subscribe button in order to receive a notification every time a new article is published in a particular newspaper (the one the subscribe button belonged to). -

Talking Bank An organization that leaves comments or replies in topics. (Rising)

Tank Someone who spends large sums of Gold on Energy Bars during wars. “To Tank” is the act of spending the gold on Energy Bars and weps in order to fight 80, 90 or more times during a given battle. In V1, the term Goldbeast was also used. -

TLDR Too Long. Didn't Read. - Often used to criticize the length of an article or piece of writing. Also used by the authors themselves to sum up their text. -

TW Training War - A battle staged for the purposes of countries within a MPP in order for them to keep their citizens’ thirst for war satisfied and to help them gain military rank faster. -

V&S (also seen as: V+S) - Voted and Subscribed - Used often when commenting on a newspaper article. V&S indicates that the speaker voted the article and subscribed to the newspaper. Sometimes V+S+E may be seen, with "E" meaning the speaker endorsed the article. -

Wigs The eRepublik staff, well known for their love of wigs and wig parties. V1

Wig party Some eRepublik citizens claim server downtime is due to wigs holding wig parties. This claim is supported by the site's slow loading times at 01.00-02.00/1 AM-2 AM Romanian time (UTC +2) V1

Wiped The act of one country being completely conquered by another. -

Zombie 1. A person who votes strictly for their party in the general election without regard to the candidate's competency. 2. Another name for a multiple account. -

o7 (also seen as: 07, O>) - Salute - This is a commonly used combination of lower case "o" and the number "7", to make a salute symbol. The "o" looks like a head, while the "7" looks like a arm saluting. This is common in military discussion and is used to denote respect (unless used in satire). -

\o/ Hoorah! - This is a symbol made to look like a head with two raised arms as if cheering. This is used to denote enthusiasm or happiness (unless used in satire). -

o/ or \o Hi-five! - This symbol represents a high five, with the small o representing the head, and the / or \ representing an arm reached out to the right or left.


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